High Quality Concrete Flooring Solutions.

Whether you’re looking for a solution for your home or your workplace, we are the Concrete Flooring experts you can reply upon. Operating all over Melbourne and the outer suburbs we offer a wide range of options designed to deliver the perfect finish.

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Our company provides exceptional quality polished concrete floors across a wide range of establishments

Quantum Concrete Polishing, a Company providing flooring services in the Melbourne region run by Roberto Rocca and Franco Lucherini. With over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the building and flooring industry.

Talented and driven by passion our team comprises of specialists who are extremely well-trained in doing their job with a clear focus on perfection and customer satisfaction.

We work closely with our client be in Architects, Engineers and Designers to figure out the best mix for you in order to deliver a comprehensive service package.

Please take a look at our Catalogue of Services and check out some of our Completed Projects.

We are always available to interact with you and understand your flooring needs to ultimately help you get the most out of your Concrete Slab.


Polished Concrete/ Mechanical Polish

Concrete Polishing has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, as an excellent alternative for floor aesthetics

A well Polished Concrete Floor eliminates all drawbacks of floor coverings such as Carpet, Vinyl, Timber etc. because it does not require much maintenance, is highly durable and can handle way more traffic without wearing off, compared to the traditional floor coverings.

We at Quantum Concrete Polishing are experts in providing premium Concrete Polishing services. Our polishing services are at the peak of maintenance free and durability when it comes to internal flooring, with added benefits of exquisite beauty and style.

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Epoxy Coatings

Commercial, industrial and even some residential establishments are now opting for Epoxy Coatings for floor maintenance.

The main benefit of Epoxy Coatings is that they are highly resistant against several chemicals including Acids, Oils, Detergents, Contaminants etc. Apart from these, they are also worth the price for their maintenance, anti-slippage and hygienic properties. With such features and benefits, Epoxy Coatings are most suited for all kinds of Industrial Houses, Hospitals, Garages and Warehouses.

Today, Quantum Concrete Polishing is recognised as a leader in the field of Epoxy Floor Coating and resurfacing Materials for Industrial, Commercial as well as Domestic Flooring applications. We have extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to Epoxy Coatings, including solvent and water-based coatings.

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Tile Removal

Floor Tile Removal is easy to do when you know what you are doing.

When it comes to Tile Removal, the material of the Sub Floor matters more than the material of the Tile itself. Floor Tiles are most commonly laid on such materials as Screed, Cement Sheeting or Concrete.

It does not matter if you are removing Slate Tiles, Terracotta, Ceramic, Marble or any other Tile Material; it’s the Sub Floor that dictates the method, the time and the mess. No matter whether you have Terracotta, Ceramic or Marble flooring, or any other Tile material, it will be the material of your Sub Floor that will be the deciding factor in the method used to remove the said Tile.

Floor Tile removal involves using a specially designed blade to get under the Tiles and separate them from the sub floor. The blade attaches to a Jackhammer, which provides the necessary consistent vibration needed to dislodge the Tiles.

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Grinding and Levelling

Floor levelling is the first step in ensuring an adequately safe living and working environment

Weather it’s at home or in your workplace, having a level and even floor is imperative to a good layout and structure. Not only are uneven floors an eyesore, but they can also pose grave problems.

So if you notice imperfections in your floor such as Tiles lifting off the floor, or cracks in the floor, ridges and humps on the surface, or even any prominent Trowel marks, do not wait for an accident to happen, contact us for a prompt solution.

Our qualified professionals have all the equipment, skills and experience needed to grind and correct the problems associated with an uneven Concrete Floor.

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Grind and Sealer

Quantum Concrete Polishing really has the best tools and manpower to provide a flawless Grind and Seal Service.

For extremely worn-out concrete surfaces, Grind and Sealer is a good alternative, wherein the ground is exposed to remove any scratches and then Grouted to fill in any crack and/or surface imperfections. A Sealer is then applied to give the Concrete the protection it needs against future wear and tear with the application of a coating.

It is crucial to understand that Concrete is actually a porous surface and that sealing it makes it impenetrable for Liquid spills and grime, thereby making the floor more durable and easy to maintain.

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Floor Prep and Glue Removal

Quantum Concrete Polishing highly values its customers satisfaction

Often when removing old Tiles by yourself, remnants of the Tile adhesives are left behind on your Floor. This also happens when removing Vinyl Carpet. This ends up creating a mess and leaving behind an uneven surface. Laying down the new Tiles also becomes impossible with the Glue remnants still on the floor.

You cannot simply apply new Glue on top of the previous Glue, because it won’t stick properly and the floor surface won’t be even. Therefore the Glue remnants need to be removed.

That’s where we come in. Being experts in this area we do the job quickly and efficiently. Quantum Concrete Polishing highly values its customers satisfaction and it’s one of the reasons why our Glue Removal Service is always in-demand.

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