Tile Removal


Service Description

Floor tile removal is easy to do when you know what you are doing. When it comes to tile removal, the material of the sub floor matters more than the material of the tile itself. Floor tiles are most commonly laid on such materials as screed, cement sheeting or concrete.

So it doesn’t matter if you are removing slate tiles, terracotta, ceramic, marble or any other tile material, it’s the sub floor that dictates the method, the time and the mess. So no matter whether you have a terracotta, ceramic or a marble flooring, or any other tile material, it will be the material of your sub floor that will be the deciding factor in the method used to remove the said tile.

Floor tile removal involves using a specially designed blade to get under the tiles and separate them from the sub floor. The blade attaches to a jackhammer which provides the necessary consistent vibration needed to dislodge the tiles.

At Quantum Concrete Polishing, we are able to remove any tiled surface, including strip-outs with skill and precision, while minimizing dust-generation. As part of a comprehensive service package, we also arrange to have the rubble and debris removed and disposed off / recycled appropriately once we’re done.


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